Free From Strategies Virtual Conference

Wednesday, 19th May 2021 - Thursday, 20th May 2021


The conference brings together experts from the dairy alternative space to lead key discussions that enable key players to better predict where the category is headed so they may tap into its increasing potential and build around emerging opportunities including:

  • Ensuring sustainability: Utilizing practices that ensure the sustainability goals of the company are met while ensuring profitability
  • New Product Innovation: Ensuring there are dairy free options available in all categories such as ice creams, cheese, chocolate, etc
  • Understanding the consumer – looking towards the motivations of the consumer to consumer vegan products as a means to produce products that will meet their specific needs
  • Launching a global brand and introducing your product in other countries
  • Regulation update: looking towards the legal battles such as AM 171 as well as exploring new legal landscapes in relation to products created in laboratories