Dairy Innovation Summit Asia Virtual Conference

Thursday, 29th Apr 2021


About this event.

The Dairy Innovation Summit Asia brings together key opinion leaders from some of the biggest brands in the industry as well as a mix of smaller disruptors who are creating a profitable and scalable presence in the FMCG market.

Who will be there?

Join Yili, Husky, National Cooperative Dairy Federation of India, Dairygold, ITC Limited, Bel, Milk Mantra and more as we address innovation in products and strategy across dairy to meet rapidly changing consumer behaviours and demands!

What topics are we exploring?

We will be looking at growing trends and what is driving them while identifying new markets. We’ll also include a focus on leveraging the post-Covid market, and how to manage consumer expectations across the supply chain. This conference combines key discussions from major players in the industry around growing trends and emerging opportunities including:

  • Disrupting innovation in dairy with new products that go beyond the traditional
  • Identifying key consumer trends to increase brand relevance
  • Wellness– communicating dairy to the health-conscious consumer
  • Health and nutrition support in specific market segments
  • Innovation in sustainability to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Functionality & experience as key motivators for product development
  • Modernising technological & operational developments across the supply chain
  • Looking at the potential for dairy products outside of milk
Additional Incentives.

When you attend this virtual event, we’ll send you a link to ‘Opportunities in the Global Dairy and Soy Food Sector’. Enjoy the gift (worth £1500.00) of better business intelligence in a comprehensive report at no additional cost!