The Alternative Investment Forum

Tuesday, 11th May 2021


We’re delighted to announce the 13th Alternative Investment Forum. Investors, funds and service providers will enjoy one full day of presentations and live interactive formats.

Why attend?

Key themes on the 2021 programme will include resilience of real assets during global crises, the power of new technologies in driving greener investments, corporate responsibility, the link between biodiversity and water resources in net-zero goals, and more.

With two streams of content, the dual focus on timber and agriculture enables investors to discover the complimentary role these assets can play in a portfolio and to spot the best ventures available in both.

What’s new this year?

The 2021 event will welcome institutional investors from across the globe on a brand new bespoke virtual platform created this year, to discuss investment opportunities across timber, agriculture, and other sustainable assets to diversify their portfolios and achieve healthy returns.

It covers all the trends, issues and the latest updates on:

  • Impact investment strategies
  • Managing timber assets
  • Capitalising in agriculture
  • Emerging markets
  • Geopolitical developments affecting capital projects
  • Methods for creating a sustainable investment opportunity as a capital stakeholder.

Who will be there?

Leaders including Insight Investment, AgDevCo, ODDO BHF Asset Management & Private Equity, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, NewAfrica Impact Ltd, Astarte Capital Partners, HSBC Pollination Group Climate Asset Management, Vidya AG, World Bank, UN Environment Programme and more.